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​We will raise a candidate to the sublime degree of Master Mason on Friday, September 15th.  Dinner at 6pm, Degree starts at 7 PM. Don't forget to bring a can of food every time you come to Lodge!


We have started a new program this year, an open-book study of the Grand Lodge Masonic Leadership Correspondence Course. Bring your digital copy of the Methodical Digest, your Presentation Volume, and a pen. Class is every first friday of the month.  The next class is Friday, September 1st at 7 PM.​



The time is almost here for our Saturday August 26, 2017 bus trip to The House of The Temple in Washington D.C.

Here is the schedule of events:


0640                      Showtime @ the Granby Street Masonic Temple parking lot

0645                      Food to be delivered for trip

0700                       Board Bus….role call

0710                      Depart Norfolk

1100-1130          Arrive in D.C. House of the Temple

1200                      Tour starts

**1500                 Tour Ends

1700                       Stop at a Cracker Barrel for Dinner

1830-1900            Depart Cracker Barrel

2100                       Return to Norfolk


** If the tour gets done earlier, we can vote to return earlier or do some walking around until 1500.**

Consensus will be taken then.


Please put out the word that there are still 12 seats available. Also, if money is an issue, I will work a payment plan with you. You can show up on Saturday if you want to go. Please come out for a great time.




Every time you come to Lodge, bring a can of food for the Food Bank.​


Our Past Masters section has been recently updated, by clicking the name of a Past Master you can see their picture and a brief biography. Click "Past Master" under Our Lodge on the menu, or follow this link: http://www.oceanview335.com/SitePages/Past%20Masters.aspx​

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Worshipful MasterWor. Mario Joseph Heerah
Senior WardenWor. Charles Brandon Consolvo
Junior WardenBro. Jason Lee Hamilton
Masonic Education Night
Ocean View Masonic Temple
Friday, October 06
Meeting at 7 PM
The Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Courses were developed by the Committee on Masonic Education to assist the individual Mason in improving himself. A well-rounded Mason will use this program as but one method of improving himself. When these Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Course are taken together with the, Training for the Subordinate Lodge Officer (SLOT), educational offerings at the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership, “Area Mini-Conferences,” the educational opportunities afforded by your District Educational Officer and your Lodge Educational Officer, and other programs and publications offered by the Committee, it is hoped that we may enlighten good Brethren, so they may excel as tomorrow’s leaders of this gentle Craft. There are IV Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Course, which you can take online now. http://courses.vamasons.org Successful completion of this program will require the use of information which can be found in the Methodical Digest, Manual of Ceremonies, Mentor’s Manual, (the Presentation Volume may be used in lieu of the Manual of Ceremonies and the Mentor’s Manual), the ritual and your general knowledge. All of these can be purchased online from the Grand Lodge of Virginia online shopping cart.
Ocean View Stated
Ocean View Masonic Temple
Friday, October 13
Dinner at 6 PM, Meeting at 7 PM
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