Wor. Bernard Francis Porter

Past Master:1921
Past DDGM:
Our First Worshipful Master
 Wor. Bernard Francis Porter was selected by Ocean View Lodge petitioners to be it's first Worshipful Master and was appointed as such by the Grand Master when Dispensation was granted, and served as its Worshipful Master until December 27, 1921.
 Bro. Porter was originally a member of Elizabeth Lodge #34. He had not served in any capacity in his Lodge before being selected as Worshipful Master of our new Lodge.
 It was his great love for Masonry, and especially his devotion to the cause of the new Lodge that motivated him and made of him the great leader in the formation and success of Ocean View Lodge. He was indefatigable, never faltering, clear minded.
 Following his tenure as Worshipful Master he continued to be one of the leaders, especially in the program that resulted in the erection of our new Temple.
 He was a civil service employee, working at the Naval Base in the position of Quarterman Electrician, and his mechanical abilities meant so much to the Lodge during the erection of the Temple.
 He will always be remembered by those who knew him as A GREAT MASON.
 Biography composed by Wor. Wilbur F. Thornton, Sr.

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