Wor. Frank Fife Shoemaker

Past Master:1923
Past DDGM:
Our First Junior Warden
 Wor. Frank Fife Shoemaker was selected by the petitioners to the Grand Lodge of Virginia for Dispensation to establish a Lodge at Ocean View, for him to be their first Junior Warden. He served as such until December 27, 1921 when he was elected Senior Warden. He served as the third Worshipful Master of the Lodge from December 26, 1922 to December 26, 1923.
 Wor. Shoemaker was raised in Elizabeth Lodge #34. Along with our first two Worshipful Masters, he did not serve Elizabeth Lodge in any official capacity before being selected for an office in Ocean View Lodge.
 He was an avid Masonic Ritualist, easily mastering all the ritual of the degrees, and became the first official instructor of the ritual in Ocean View Lodge. He freely and eagerly gave many hours of his time to coaching the members and through his ritualistic leadership, Ocean View Lodge was soon to become one of the outstanding ritualistic Lodges in Norfolk and has remained as such throughout the years.
 Wor. Shoemaker was employed at the Naval Base in a Civil Service supervisory capacity. He served the Lodge well and constantly until moving from the City of Norfolk in 1926. He was the last of the surviving Charter members who remained a member until his death.
 Biography composed by Wor. Wilbur F. Thornton, Sr.

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