Ocean View Mobile App

Thank you for participating in beta testing our new Mobile App. The application is perfectly safe, but understand you are testing at your own risk. If the app does not work as desired, simply uninstall it. Once beta testing is completed, the app will be available via the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple Store (iPhone, iPad). Currently the beta version is ONLY available for Android.

Step 1: Download and install the mobile app

If you need additional help with this step, see this website for pictures and more information: https://www.wikihow.tech/Install-APK-Files-on-Android

  • Enter your name in the "Testing" list at the bottom of this page.
  • Open the Settings App on your Android device.
  • From the Settings App, find the "Unknown Sources" option. Depending on your version of Android, it may be under "Security" under "Personal", or under "Lock Screen and Security".
  • Enable "Unknown Sources". Click "OK" for the warning dialog. NOTE: It is recommended you disable this setting after installing this app.
  • Open Chrome or other browser on your device.
  • Download the App from this URL: http://www.oceanview335.com/Shared%20Documents/app-debug.apk
  • Click "OK" for the warning dialog.
  • Click "Open" to open the APK file. If you don't see the option to open, find the "My Files" on your phone and open it. From "My Files", under "Recent Files", find and click app-debug.apk.
  • When prompted to install the application, click "Install". Note that you are told the app does NOT require any special access. This means the app is not going to be able to affect your phone, and you can easily uninstall it.
  • When the app is succesfully installed, click "Open".

Step 2: Walk through the application

  • Verify the splash screen is displayed.
  • Verify the top of the page displays "Ocean View Lodge No. 335".
  • Verify there are four buttons at the bottom of the app: Home, News, Calendar, and Pictures.
  • Click the Home button:
    • Verify a picture of our temple is shown.
    • Verify the address and three stationed officers are shown.
    • Click "Facebook" and verify that Facebook opens using your default setting (the Facebook app or browser) and our Facebook group is shown.
    • Click "Twitter" and verify our Twitter feed is shown using your default setting.
  • Click the News button:
    • Verify the News feed is shown, from newest to oldest, showing our most recent posts.
  • Click the Calendar button:
    • Verify the next several meetings are displayed.
  • Click the Pictures button:
    • Verify photos are displayed.
    • Click the title and verify the photo is displayed full size, and you can download it.
    • Verify by dragging the slide bar to the left or right, the rate pictures are shown is slower (left) or faster (right).
  • Update the "Testing" list below when you are finished, and provide any suggestions.
If you have any issues, please email the webmaster.